Reasons why open source software is best for your business organization

With the increasingly large number of government organizations and businesses that use open source software like Linux, it is more than clear that its price is not the only advantage of this software. If you are of the notion that companies took to open source during the Great Recession, they would have switched over to the more expensive ones by now. Rather it is true that free and open source software indeed has some advantages for the businesses and some are even more precious than the low and affordable price of the software. Do you want to take a look at some such benefits? Here are some that you may check out.

  • Tight security: Although there are people who are talking about the superior kind of security that Android gives its users, it is also being contradicted that Android might not be totally open-source. However the example is an apt illustration of the Linus Law, named after the creator of Linux. He believes that with more eyeballs, the number of bugs will be fewer. This clearly means that when more people can see and test a code, it is likely that there will be more errors and they can also be fixed sooner.
  • Performance quality: Which do you think will be better: a software package that is the brainchild of a handful of developers or that which is a brainchild of a thousand of developers? Since there are innumerable developers who are improving the security of open source software, it is true that they will always be innovating some new enhancements and features. In fact, according to a research it has been seen that the quality is the primary reason behind businesses adopting it.
  • It can be personalized: Along some similar lines, the business users using this software can customize it in order to suit their needs. With its open source license manager, it is just a matter of modifying the code and adding the functionality that you prefer. However, don’t you ever try that with proprietary software as this can be dangerous!
  • Versatility: When your company uses proprietary software like Office and Microsoft Windows, you will always require upgrading both hardware and software. On the other hand, open source software is less resource-intensive and this means that you can even run it even on old hardware. The decision of upgrading entirely depends on you and not on the vendor.
  • Affordable cost: Proprietary software will come at an exorbitant cost of compulsory virus protection, ongoing upgrade expenses, support charges and other costs. But with open source software you can get better quality by giving a fraction of the price that you have to pay for proprietary software.

Hence, if you’re still confused about which type of software to use for your business firm, you can take into account the above mentioned benefits of open source software. Get it from an authentic vendor who is trustworthy enough.

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