Telecommuting Jobs: Employers & Employees Working In Harmony

In this world, technology is constantly evolving, and so are the parameters of the employer’s relationship to their employees.  The traditional practice of spending forty hours a week in an office is slowly fading, and workers and employers alike are learning to embrace the benefits of telecommuting.  When you employ people and pay them adequately for their time, they will give you as much effort as you pay them for.  Telecommuting eliminates those expensive hours you end up paying your employees for when they have nothing to fill their moments and struggle to stay busy.  This method enables you to pay only for the work that is completed.  Here are a few tips to maintain a harmonious relationship between your employees and yourself.


Increase Your Productivity


Employers often believe the myth that telecommuting employees will slack off from fulfilling their responsibilities the moment they are out of sight.  This is absolutely not the truth of the matter.  A study from Stanford University showed quite the opposite.  The study’s results showed that employee’s productivity actually improved by thirteen percent when call center employees were allowed to work from the comfort of their own homes.  Working from home provides your employee with no commute, and their favorite pajamas while still producing results for your business.


There’s also another linked benefit to allowing your employees to work from home.  Your employee turnover will almost certainly drop to almost nothing.  Employee’s job satisfaction will grow, and this will save your company money over time.  There won’t be as much of a training cost when your employees don’t cycle in and out.


Improve Employee Morale


Telecommuting requires no dress code, no nasty co-workers to deal with, and the freedom to set your own schedule as an employee.  The best effect of these privileges to your employees is that they will be more self-motivated and personally responsible for their own time management.  For anyone, these perks of the job would help to boost self confidence, and a confident employee is a good employee!


Miscellaneous Benefits

Among the many benefits of telecommuting, there are a few main mentionable ones.  Not having your employees drive to work helps to avoid the stresses of dangerous traffic.  Not being around the public and other employees will lower the risk of getting sick and/or spreading a sickness throughout the workplace.  This, in turn, lowers the absences and sick days your employees use, and saves you money on costly production mishaps.  Telecommuting also nearly eliminates the need to be concerned with any workman’s compensation issues.  Since no one is working in your establishment, there is no risk of on the job injury and claim filing paperwork.

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