Top Accounting and Invoicing Software for 2015

FreshBooks Review

The online Accounting Software Review rates FreshBooks as one of the best accounting software for 2015, along with QuickBooks and Sage. With over five million clients using their accounting software to run their small business. FreshBooks offering a free trial makes it possible for business owners to experience the professional look of their invoices, time-tracking that is straightforward and hassle-free expenses. In addition, FreshBooks is known for outstanding customer service, and their gateways of payment are numerous including Pay Pal, Authorize.Net and Stripe.

With FreshBooks:

A snap of a photo on your cell gives you a receipt of expenses even while you’re on the go.

Your expenses are not only organized with ease but also safely backed up to the cloud.

You can re-bill clients’ expenses with their inclusion on an invoice with just one click.

Cloud accounting can both save time in billing as well as get paid faster.

Branding your account can be done easily with a simple upload of your logo and a color scheme automatically appears.

Your invoices are automatically sent to clients.

See all your monthly profits with a simple check in.

QuickBooks Review

QuickBooks by Intuit is an online software that provides services such as expense tracking, reporting, invoicing, billing and payment tracking. Its mobile tools uses Android devices and iPhones to create invoices and track expenses. You can find out if QuickBooks is the best software for your business with their thirty day free trial.

QuickBooks Online comes in three versions including Simple Start, Essentials and Plus. All of the three versions include basic invoicing tools. However, added features, users and reports are supported with the advancement of the versions. The most popular version is Essentials including billing, scheduling payment and controls for user-access. An inventory module and additional tracking tools are included in the Plus version. The Plus version is sufficient for most small businesses with up to five simultaneous users being supported. You can add payment processing and payroll to any of the three versions.

Sage One Review

Sage One accounting software is both efficient and easy-to-use. Project tracking, collaboration, task management and payment processing is included with the Sage One accounting software. As an online solution, it is at all times current, backed up, encrypted and reachable by any connection on the web.

Sage Accounting created this pioneering, small-business invoicing system. Sage One is different from the accounting products Sage has been creating over the past thirty years. The design of this product is specifically aimed at the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, fresh startups, and people who know little about formal accounting, which makes them one of the top competitors in this industry. It is suited for business owners who need both professional invoicing and tools for online collaboration. Sage One tracks both finances and projects, and it is accessible with any web browser that has internet access from anywhere. It is perfect for anyone without a formal office or anyone who works on the move.

With Sage One:

You can create invoices and also get paid quickly.

It allows you to manage projects, track time, track tasks and accept payments.

Projects, invoicing, tasks and unlimited collaborators are supported by Sage One without additional fees.

Your invoices are automatically sent to clients.

See all your monthly profits with a simple check in.

Cloud accounting can both save time in billing as well as get paid faster.

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