Traditional Media Meets Modern Marketing: Alternatives to Newspapers and Magazines

When you talk about print media many will think immediately of newspapers and magazines, but the options and variables are actually far more diverse than that.

Another common perception is that traditional marketing methods using print media are outdated or their days are severely numbered due to the growth of digital marketing like social media, but thinking that is the case could see you miss out on a number of potentially lucrative marketing channels.

Traditional marketing still works

Before talking about your various options, it is worth reinforcing the point that traditional marketing methods are definitely still viable and you simply need to focus your efforts using some key criteria.

The first is to know who your customers are so that you can set about specifically targeting them, as even the best marketing message in the world won’t succeed if it is aimed at entirely the wrong demographic.

Another key to success involves being able to create a unique selling point. A compelling USP will allow your advertisement to stand out from the crowd and when combined with a call-to-action such as a deadline discount, print media can be very effective in generating customers and orders.

Making the most of print media

Despite some reluctance to use an old cliché to make a point, you sometimes need to think outside of the box to get ahead of your competitors.

If you use marketing strategies that your competitors are missing because their heads are buried in the internet version of sand, this can give you a serious edge.

Print media offers these opportunities if you think creatively and when you think of the environmental benefits of Epson ink cartridges or others that allow you to print your media in-house cost effectively, you can stretch your advertising budget much further.


A lot of marketers appear to have shifted their strategy of using newsletters to an online platform.

The problem is that an email newsletter is certainly quick and easy to deliver, but it lacks the personal touch and can easily be ignored.

With a more comprehensive printed newsletter that is delivered directly to the recipient on to their desk, you have a powerful marketing tool that still has a place in modern marketing methods and marks your business out as personable and professional.


Poster marketing is extensively used by some big brands but there is no reason why a scaled-down version relevant to your business budget can’t have the same impact for you.

Posters are relatively cheap to print and can be an effective way of building your brand.

Booklet marketing

Never underestimate the power of the booklet as a valuable marketing tool.

An informative booklet can serve a number of useful purposes for you and the recipient if presented in the right way and if the content is relevant, it is something that can have a long shelf life. You can even print a booklet that includes a special discount code to generate some repeat business.

Modern marketing and traditional marketing methods are not so different, provided you use them effectively and creatively.

John Sollars is a business owner of many years. When he gets the time, he likes to sit down and share what has worked for him. Look for his informative posts on a number of websites and blogs today.

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