Web load testing – What are the most valid reasons behind this?

Are you someone who is recently launching a new web start-up? If answered yes and if you’re not sure whether or not the current server setup can cope with the heavy traffic load, what you need to do is web load testing. With effective web load testing, you can easily simulate the traffic burden just as if it was real. If you still don’t know why you need to perform web load testing, the concerns of this article will help you out. Here are some possible reasons to perform web load testing.

  1. Determine the concurrent users: The foremost reason for web load testing is to analyze the number of concurrent users who can easily handle a website at a particular point of time. In case the targets of your business are hugely relying on the way in which your site performs, you must use web load testing to ensure that your system is designed for a particular number of users. It is vital for you to understand the goals of your business performance way ahead of your time.
  2. Locate bugs and fix them: Web load testing will give you a chance to locate errors and bugs in your website. Through this you can easily recognize the potential issues that usually affect the performance and user experience of your website. On a regular basis, testing is a part of the development process to make sure that introductions of new features don’t incur any negative impact on the overall site. Development after testing is a very common practice in software engineering which ensures that the code is functioning properly.
  3. Retention of customers: Whenever your site breaks down, you may stand the risk of losing both your new customers and your old ones. When your site is more than an online business, you don’t just lose people, you actually lose money and this is indeed a big loss. Even worse is the loss of customer satisfaction within the company. If you wish to prevent such losses, you can use web load testing. This will tell you the number of concurrent users that your system can withstand.
  4. Enhancement of performance: When you design a complex web development project, there can arise certain issues regarding the performance, stability and scalability. Even though you can add mechanisms during the process of designing, it is usually said that it is only during web load testing that you can locate the major bugs. Hence, web load testing is effective in reducing the time that is required to make a request through the optimization of code and reducing system crashes and memory leaks.

Hence, if you’re still concerned about the reasons to load test website, you can take into account the above mentioned points. It is certainly better to stay aware of the leaks and glitches and repair them beforehand so that you don’t lose your new and old customers due to your own fault.

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